Cloud Under

Highly customised Full-Stack Web Engineering

Cloud Under is a small (freelancer) web development company based in Manchester, UK and works for creative agencies, businesses, small and big brands all over the world.

I specialise in all-round tech solutions for your unique creative marketing ideas, including front-end and back-end web engineering, infrastructure and UX consultation. You provide the creative part and Cloud Under provides the tech. Reliable, secure and always on time.

Cloud Under has a wealth of experience with websites (of course), online and offline competitions and raffles, video, audio, mobile, all sorts of APIs, SEO and much more.

I don’t just build websites – I turn your unique ideas into great scalable online, mobile and real-world experiences utilising the power of modern cloud services.


André Nick Zahn is a freelance web engineer based in Manchester in the northwest of England and was born in Germany.

He has worked as developer and consultant with agencies, businesses and start-ups for 19 years.


Cloud Under provides back-end and front-end web development. To give you an impression, this is some of the technology employed recently:

Back-end development:

Node.js, Scala, Play Framework, PHP, REST APIs, microservices

Front-end development:

HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, React, PixiJS, Webpack, SEO, accessibility

Service and more:

AWS, Docker, DynamoDB, MongoDB, MySQL, Redis, Nginx, CDN, Serverless

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