Serverless Website for Sound Design Startup

Cloud Under has developed a responsive one-page website for music and sound design start-up Bina & Ju.

The website features interactive elements including multiple embedded SoundCloud playlists showcasing the duo’s work from different music genres, as well as a videos section showing off their recent projects in action, e.g. their sound effects for the BMW Alpina ad.


The website has been engineered to be completely “serverless”, which means no server needs to be managed. This in turn means lower overall cost and improved security without compromising on flexibility.

This has been achieved by hosting a statically rendered HTML page and its CSS and JavaScript assets via AWS S3 and CloudFront for fast global delivery with HTTPS encryption and HTTP/2. The client is able to manage almost all parts of the website’s content at any time via headless content management system (CMS) Prismic.

Live content previews and published content changes are rendered on demand via AWS Lambda. Submissions to the website’s contact form is also handled by AWS Lambda in combination with AWS API Gateway.

Cloud Under has also supported Bina & Ju with the registration of their domain name and email server setup.

Music for advertisement, TV, film, games

If you’re on the look-out for the perfect sound for your next TV, film, ad or game production, make sure to check out their work.