Work Examples

Here is a selection of projects we have recently worked on.

Cloud Under provides full-stack web development and is not a creative or design agency. Therefore, the designs and concepts behind the projects are not our creations. In most cases we provided the development of front-end and back-end as well as technical consultation.

We love bringing your ideas to life.

  • Highly Efficient Greeting Card Microsite

    React microsite with interactive image generator for a coffee brand

  • Screenshot of website BayWa You Get What You GIF

    Engineering of a GIF Generator Micro-Site

    Campaign microsite for an agricultural products company

  • Piece It, a block puzzle game for iPhone and iPad

  • Serverless Website for Sound Design Startup

    CMS-backed yet highly available one-pager for audio pros Bina & Ju.

  • Screenshot of website Volvic Finde Deinen Vulkan

    Personalised Video Message Generator

    Development of a personalised video generator and raffle modules for Volvic campaign site

  • Screenshot of website Fight For Your Write

    Microsite for sharing G+J’s G20 campaign motifs online

  • Development of a microsite to mark 15 years of Senseo coffee, featuring a personalised birthday song video generator

  • Web Arcade Game with WebSockets

    Full-stack development of a game with competition and built-in cheat protection

  • Development of an interactive beats generator with the option to download the custom creation as MP3 or ringtone

  • Continued on-demand support for theme park website

  • Development of a back-end and back office of a Q&A platform for dog owners as well as continued support

  • Screenshot of Siemens Glanzmomente microsite

    Development of a microsite with interactive 360-degree 3-D (CSS) carousel featuring images uploaded via social media

  • Screenshot of Hornbach Macher magazine website

    One-page microsite in multiple languages promoting a new print magazine and featuring reading samples with page-flip animations

  • Mars logo

    Integration of a web application with Mars’ internal authentication system for single sign-on (SSO)

  • Screenshot of Hornbach Global Flag website

    Full-stack development of a multi-language campaign site for DIY store chain where users from around the world could feature their DIY projects on a map

  • Screenshot of Whiskas Newsletter template

    Development of a set of HTML templates for Whiskas newsletter

  • Development of an internal web knowledge base for Mars’ pet food division

  • T-Mobile logo

    Continued support and updates for a Facebook e-cards app with Spotify API integration promoting T-Mobile tariffs with Spotify

  • Screenshot of Fujitsu blogging platform

    Continued support of an extensive blogging and influencer platform with competitions to promote several Fujitsu products

  • Screenshot of Kühne advent calendar Christmas tree

    Development of a 5647-pixel-tall Christmas tree packed with animations and daily hidden surprises to be discovered and won

  • Screenshot of Siemens and Finish Facebook app

    Development of Facebook quiz app promoting Siemens Eco Edition dishwashers and Finish tabs