Online project management for larger companies

Cloud Under itself is a young company, but having personally worked on the agency side for more than seven years, not only do I understand the processes of an agency very well, I also understand that you, as their client, might have a different perspective. As Cloud Under I am now able to offer my expertise to larger companies. Without any long-term commitments or contracts you can book my services on demand.

Corporation building

Project management support

Online projects and campaigns can quickly become overwhelming, even for experienced marketing experts. This can lead to misunderstandings between you and your agency, delays, exceeding budgets or simply unsatisfactory results.

By filling the gap between you and your agency I can help you overlook the project from a more technical perspective and translate between “tech speak” and English (and German, too, if required) so your team can better understand what the developers say and put your marketing requirements into clearer technical instructions and concepts for developers and agency project managers.

Agency-fueled advise, but independent

Working with an agency you can fully trust and rely on is hugely important. Such relationships often last for many years. To maintain the relationship between you and your agency you should consider seeking the advise of an independent expert without bloating the budget. This helps avoiding misunderstandings and other friction in the first place.

Have you ever asked your agency to implement an apparently small change only to be confronted with unexpected high cost that didn’t make sense to you? Or even been told it is impossible? Sometimes this requires very deep technical knowledge which cannot be expected. There is a good chance that I can either explain the problem to you or even suggest a small tweak to the idea, which may have a similar or even better effect in the end, which saves money and leads to a better overall end result.

Get in touch

I have got a multi-year track record of successfully intermediating between agency, client, their technology department and other parties involved over the phone and via email. Being based in Manchester with excellent national and international travel connections, I am, of course, also able to travel, if required.

Contact me now to discuss your requirements.