Freelance web development services for agencies

No matter whether you’re a large international marketing agency or a freelance web designer – you may get to the point where you require the additional knowledge and resources of an experienced front-end and back-end web developer. If you wish, Cloud Under can remain completely transparent in the background and not interfere with your relationship with your client – confidentiality guaranteed.

Agency building

Web development

When it comes to web development I can do this either by myself or instruct and oversee the work of other developers. Either way, my aim is to always deliver a high-quality product on time, giving you peace of mind to concentrate on other things.

As an agency, you would usually provide the concept and design, whilst I will provide you as much or as little as you need to finally launch the website or application.

In the past I have developed countless micro to medium sized websites, web campaigns and Facebook apps for international high-profile corporations and brands through agencies, mainly, but not exclusively, in the food and beverage, telecommunication and retail sectors.

PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and much more

Learn more about the web development services Cloud Under offers to find out what programming languages, frameworks etc. I work with.

Freelance project management

Although Cloud Under itself is a young company, having 15 years of experience in the business personally, I know how programmers, designers, concepters and clients tick. I can be the link between each of them and make them work together on one project, identify and solve problems on a wider scale.

Consultation and testing

I can give you valuable advice on technical as well as conceptual questions, user experience or responsive design throughout the planning process and after.

Do you want to present your client a high-quality product? Thorough testing is essential. I can organise, perform and document testings of websites and web applications. With various operating systems, browser versions, tablets, mobile devices at hand and, last but not least, a good understanding of user experience (UX) I can provide you valuable feedback before your clients or end users do.

All-round service

Typically, services include consultation, full or part front-end and back-end web development, coordinating development teams, preparing web hosting environments, quality assurance, testing and negotiating technical solutions where third parties are involved (e.g. how to integrate a campaign micro site into the client's main website or exchange data with various APIs).

Although I don’t consider myself a designer I have training from design and typography to video editing and I won’t let you down if your projects require last-minute adjustments. Whenever I cannot help I will always be upfront and help with finding a solution as soon as possible so that your campaign can become a success.

Security and data protection by default

Security and data protection is taken very seriously at Cloud Under. If your projects deal with sensitive user data, I can assure you that all data I have to deal with will always be in trustworthy hands.

The entire data exchange chain is encrypted by default at all times on my side and I will try to point out possible security issues on the client’s side should they arise. Some examples:

Say Hi!

If you require a freelance web developer or online project manager with a strong technical and agency background that you can fully rely on – either on premise or remotely – we should get to know each other.