Cloud hosting by Cloud Under

When your website or application is ready to be launched up into the cloud, I can help you find and prepare a suitable hosting environment. Cloud Under is not affiliated with any provider, which means I can give you independent advice for fast, secure and cost-effective hosting solutions. I can also help with the registration of domain names, email and more. Here are some examples…

Servers and services for web hosting

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

AWS is much more than web hosting. The list of services provided by AWS and the possibilities of using them would be way too long. In short: You only pay for what you use without long-term commitments – for small websites to large, scaleable online services (and lots of other stuff, too). Services we use most include computing, load balancing and auto scaling (EC2), storage (S3), content delivery (CloudFront) and domain name service (Route 53). For this Cloud Under website we use all of these services. One of the cheapest and most flexible options, but in some cases also a bit complex. If you want to grow and scale, Amazon Web Services are definitely to consider.

Cloud Servers

Cloud platform as a service

There are several PaaS providers out there I’ve worked with, including Heroku and cloudControl. Advantages are fast and simple deployment and scaling of web applications and not having to worry about the infrastructure behind it. Add-ons provide extensibility such as database systems. Ideal for development in teams, short update cycles and generally more short-lived web applications and online campaigns.

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean provides virtual private servers within seconds in various data centres including London and Frankfurt for fast response times wherever your users are. Once provisioned you’re responsible for managing the servers and the installed software, including the operating system.

Web server

Classic Hosting

If you already work with a regular web hoster or run your own data centre (like some larger corporations), I can also work with them. I can negotiate requirements with your hoster for you to make sure your website or web application gets all it needs to run.