Cloud Under


Cloud Under provides back-end and responsive front-end web development as well as custom offline solutions, supports you with planning and setting up cloud infrastructure and more.

Manchester & World

Cloud Under Ltd is a web development company based in the heart of Manchester, in the northwest of England, serving customers all over Europe and the rest of the world.


Some examples:
Scala, Play Framework, Nginx;
MongoDB, Redis, NodeJS;
Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP;
Gulp, Sass, Browserify, Lint;
Git, CI/CD, Docker, AWS, NewRelic


(André) Nick Zahn is a freelance web developer based in Manchester, UK and born in Germany. He has worked in the field with agencies, businesses and start-ups for 17 years.

Recent Projects

Here are three random projects, websites and services Cloud Under has worked on. Unless stated otherwise, concepts, layout designs and content were provided and owned by our clients. Usually we support our clients with technical consultation from an early stage of a project and then develop back-end services, front-end, other custom software solutions, provide support with infrastructure, hosting, maintenance – either all of that or a combination of our services.

Mass audio combinator

Summer 2016

We were challenged to systematically mix nine audio tracks into all possible combinations and provide the finished mixes in three different audio file formats. We developed a Scala application for batch mixing the raw audio tracks and shell scripts for automated format conversion, resulting in 1533 compressed and downloadable MP3, iOS and Android ringtone files including tags and artwork.

Lemonade Ambassador Recruitment Site

Spring 2015

A responsive microsite for a German fruit juice brand, which purpose it was to recruit young people to become brand ambassadors for summer events across the country to promote its new drinks range. We supported our client to get this site up and running as quickly as possible.

Internal pet food knowledge base

Early 2015

Cloud Under developed a specialised mini knowledge base to be used internally by one of the largest pet food companies. The custom-made CMS allows simple publishing of articles into a range of categories. Besides negotiating and transferring the application into the client’s corporate hosting environment, we also integrated the corporation’s single sign-on mechanism for secure and easy access for team members.