Cloud Under


Cloud Under provides back-end and responsive front-end web development as well as custom offline solutions, supports you with planning and setting up cloud infrastructure and more.

Manchester & World

Cloud Under Ltd is a web development company based in the heart of Manchester, in the northwest of England, serving customers all over Europe and the rest of the world.


Some examples:
Scala, Play Framework, Nginx;
MongoDB, Redis, NodeJS;
Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP;
Gulp, Sass, Browserify, Lint;
Git, CI/CD, Docker, AWS, NewRelic


(André) Nick Zahn is a freelance web developer based in Manchester, UK and born in Germany. He has worked in the field with agencies, businesses and start-ups for 17 years.

Recent Projects

Here are three random projects, websites and services Cloud Under has worked on. Unless stated otherwise, concepts, layout designs and content were provided and owned by our clients. Usually we support our clients with technical consultation from an early stage of a project and then develop back-end services, front-end, other custom software solutions, provide support with infrastructure, hosting, maintenance – either all of that or a combination of our services.

Millions of unique raffle codes

Summer 2014

Our client required millions of unique raffle codes to be printed on consumer food products for an online raffle campaign. After evaluating the volume of prizes and packages, we calculated the odds and an optimised code length and set of characters for best readability. Finally we generated and securely deliver over 10 million unique codes ready to be printed.

Theme park website relaunch

Summer 2015

We have developed the majority of the responsive website templates for the website relaunch of one of Europe’s largest theme parks and partly managed the CMS/back-end team as well as other front-end developers. The website comprises a sophisticated grid system, adaptive images, SVG graphics, video and CSS animations.

Promo one-pager for DIY retailer

Spring 2015

Cloud Under has supported the client with the front-end development for a super-long one-pager, stuffed with effects and scroll-bound animations, as well as the back-end web application and localisation. The micro-site formed part of a larger multi-national cross-media campaign, including TV and billboards.