What is a CSRF token and how does it work?

Many modern web frameworks like Laravel or the Play Framework have built-in support to protect your web application against cross-site request forgery (CSRF). That’s a good thing, but it is not always clear to every developer when and how to use it. Read more »

Thousands of unsecured MongoDB servers found

In a news article CNET Germany writes about thousands of open and unsecured MongoDB databases being found on the internet, giving full access to personal data including payment data of online shops’ customers. Read more »

SpiegelEye is now Cloud Under

Just a quick note: “SpiegelEye Ltd” has changed its name in January 2015 and is now “Cloud Under Ltd”. The new name is not only easier to understand and spell, but also describes a bit better what it does. In short, that is everything around web development. Read more »

Building Assets for Play Framework 2.x

This is more of a personal experience than a how-to. When I first got my hands on Play Framework 2 (coming from a PHP background) a couple of months ago, I was excited about the fact you could let the framework take care of compiling Less files. Read more »

Welcome to SpiegelEye Dev

…a new blog about web development, technology and the online business. My name is Nick (aka André). I’m director and developer of the small web development company SpiegelEye based in Manchester, UK founded mid 2014. I’ve been a professional web developer since 1999 and always been passionate about Read more »