About Cloud Under, established 2014 in Manchester

Cloud Under Ltd is a small (freelancer) web development company based in Manchester, UK and works for creative agencies, businesses, small and big brands all over the world.

The company is run by me, Nick Zahn. I specialise in all-round tech solutions for your unique creative marketing ideas. You provide the creative part and Cloud Under provides the tech.

Reliable, secure and always on time.

Focus, Skills and Technology

Cloud Under has a wealth of experience with websites (of course), online and offline competitions and raffles, video, audio, mobile, all sorts of APIs, SEO and much more.

If you have specific requirements in terms of what programming language has to be used or in what kind of environment the web application or software will have to run, I am happy to discuss the options with you.

Otherwise we decide on the tech stack depending on the specific project requirements, previous projects and experience. For example, I have started back in with PHP and MySQL development and mastered a large number complex projects with that language, but in recent years for almost all new projects PHP has been replaced with much more modern and scalable languages and frameworks such as Node.js (JavaScript) and Play Framework (Scala) as well as data back-ends including DynamoDB, MongoDB, Redis etc. achieving super-fast response times at a relatively low cost for server infrastructure.

For the mobile-first front-end responsive, progressive, accessible and search engine optimised HTML5, CSS and JavaScript code is bundled and optimised with modern solutions such as Webpack. For interactive web applications – small or large – React has been the framework of choice in recent years.

A great bonus of working with Cloud Under is that you can either host our web applications in your own established environment or let us provide you with a full hosting stack. Getting everything out of one hand we can maximise the optimisation of speed, availability and cost of the web application from end to end, by utilising an individually picked mix of cloud services (usually Amazon Web Services) such as EC2, Docker, Beanstalk, auto-scaling, Lambda, Cloud Front (CDN), S3, various databases and many other services.

User Experience

I always focus on the end result – a great user experience. Although Cloud Under is (usually) not responsible for the design work, I will keep a very close eye on UX design throughout the development. In almost all projects I will give you proactive feedback on potential design optimisations and implement ad-hoc changes, often without the need for the design team to make any changes.

International Service

Cloud Under serves customers worldwide. I speak English and German and I am available for face-to-face meetings, but the vast majority of projects are handled completely online and via phone. You can totally rely on my many years of experience in successful remote work. I will always keep you in the loop and make sure there are no nasty surprises in the end.

Cloud Under has a 100% track record of delivering finished projects within the agreed time.


I am flexible and adapt to your way of working. Usually a project can be broken down into the following phases:

  1. Briefing: Tell me what your project is about, what you would like to achieve, if you already have any designs, drafts or wireframes, your deadline and any other requirements. I am more than happy to provide you with technical and UX consultation whilst you’re still figuring out the details, but please understand that I have to charge for this service.
  2. Quote: Depending on how clear the project is defined, I can give you a cost estimate or even a fixed quote.
  3. Development: Once the terms are agreed I can start with the preparations and the implementation of the project. Ideally you provide as much of the required material (e.g. designs, media, content, credentials) as early as possible, but it is possible to work in steps. Depending on the project specifics you can usually see a regularly updated online preview. Usually I will work on the projects myself, but it is possible that I get other highly skilled experts on board.
  4. Testing: On an agreed date before the launch we enter this phase where you can test the almost final product on your own devices and in the final hosting environment. At this stage you can expect a near bug-free experience, but some minor fixes may still be required and will be implemented quickly. This gives us all a chance to ensure all stakeholders are happy with the result.
  5. Launch: The big day has come and your site goes finally live. Usually Cloud Under plans for extra availability around the launch date, just in case something unexpected happens, including last-minute changes or if additional support is required.
  6. Aftercare: Depending on the nature of the project and your specific requirements, the project will now be in your own hands until the end of its lifespan (e.g. short-term projects such as campaign microsites) or we provide continued support and regular updates to ensure everything is maintained professionally (e.g. long-term websites and web applications).


The cost of a project is usually agreed in advance in pound sterling , euro or US dollar following your detailled briefing. It is also possible for you to book availability by the day.

The final cost depends on various factors such as project volume, required skills, deadline, exchange rate etc., but to give you a rough idea, the current rate for senior full-stack web development stands at around £450/€510/$630 per day (excluding VAT).